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3 Benefits of Helium Chat

November 11th, 2015 by admin

1. Customers love Helium Chat! Helium Chat is a great way to get instant communication with a company. It has become a leading method for online support and has the highest satisfaction rate among customers. When customers speak with a live chat representative, the experience is quick and simple. Overall, Helium Chat brings very few interruptions to the customer’s online experience. 2.Increased Sales Customers love Helium Chat, and so do businesses! According to a recent study done by Andersen Consulting, almost 62 percent of Internet customers said they would purchase more products online if live customer support were available. 3.Helium Chat Gives Your Business A Competitive Advantage Customers prefer chat services to other communication methods, such as email. That means offering Helium Chat can give you an advantage over your competitors’ sites if they lack a live chat option.   Get a FREE 10 day trial

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